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What do adults and children have in common ? They all love NFT's! May be you don't? Probably you haven't met the right one for you yet. Your kids as well? Better not show them the Creeptoz or they ll want the whole collection because...

...what do adults and children have in common besides the love for NFT's? They all love zombies too! Ok, ok that might not be completly true but we do love them and you'd better too 'cuz there is quite a few of them outside!
So please make a warm welcome to the Creeptoz, some funny living dead punks on the blockchain.
The Creeptoz, creepy but bloody lovely crypto zombies.

The creeptoz

The Creeptoz stands for crypto zombies. It is a Profile Picture NFT project (PFP) with passive income please! 6666 randomly generated pixelated zombies, bloody as hell, sowing discord and chaos on the blockchain. Those creepy living dead punks are always looking for flesh and blood. But fortunatly for us, they hardly care about the humans being. They way more prefer to enjoy their favourite game : finding new ways of killing each other (and themselves!). Kind of macabre, yes but they don't care; they are already dead and that's why it's funny !
Among them, "live" 10 unique creatures. Those are the Masters, they make sure that the tribe hurt no one but themselves...
So are you ready to join the human party and hunt the Creeptoz down?  Oh, and by the way, your kids ( if any) will bloody LOVE them!

More about the Creeptoz (rarities)

67% of men (minimum of 6 attributes, maximum of 8)
- total : 4497

33% of women (minimum of 6 attributes, maximum of 9)
-total : 2166

27 unique zombies (8 pastel colors, 9 legendaries, 10 black 'n' red)

-background (9 : 8 common, 1 rare)
- skin color (9 : 8 common, 1 rare)
- face (12 : 4 common, 1 uncommon, 1 rare)
- mouth (26 : 12 common,2 uncommon, 4 rare, 6 ultra rare)
- nose (20 : 4 common, 16 uncommon, 1 rare) includes nose piercing
- eyes / glasses (56 : from ultra common to legendary )
- headgear (44 : from none to legendary)
- jewelery (9 : from none to ultra rare)

It makes more than 500 millions possibilities !!

WOMEN are slightly different :
- no earrings
- plus hair (51 : 20 common, 10 uncommon, 10 rare, 10 ultra rare, 1 legendary)
- plus bruises (3 : none 97.5%, 2 rare -1%-, 1 ultra rare -0.5%-)


Total supply : 6666 CRPTZ
- 93,5% public sales (pre-sale + public sale)
- 2% giveaway
- 2% partners
- 1,5 % team
- 1% associates

Utilities in short

- Cool and quirky spirit PFP NFT's
- No gas fees (Polygon network)
- 1000 USD + 20 NFT's per day during 20 days*
- Passive income* (50% of the royalties of the secondary market goes back to holders)
- T-shirts*
- Prime access to other projects*
- Prime access for the Creeptoz 2.0*

* : for holders, after sold out
More infos on the Discord


We love pixel art, probably because it reminds us of the good old days… and we love the punks, horror and good laugh. We noticed that there was a blank space and so we decided to fill it up with our creation. The Creeptoz were born. We upgraded the canva to 48 px instead of the original 24px as we wanted a bit more freedom to fully express the creepiness but still keeping the “original touch” (not affiliated with Larva Labs)

We are well aware not all the people like NFT's for the art. Beyond utility or status, people want to make money at some point. Yet, we wanted to create something cool and hopefully not so common. Something that would stand out of the pixelated universe that people would be proud and happy to look at. But you may like quick flips ? We hear you ! Join us on the discord, we have something that migh interest you !



Our first mission is clearly to be accepted by all the community  : the pixel art fans, the NFT fans and hopfully more. We sincelery hope that The Creeptoz will be liked, if not loved by a majority of people.
Our hidden hope would be to stand out of all the "pixelated project" as we believe the CRPTZ are the first of its kind. And, humbly, we like what we did ! Not saying to get as famous as the "Punks", we dont put limits about where we can end ! Or, shall we say, there is no end to this !

We don't promise things we could not keep because there are two things we really don't like in our universe :
- projects that don't keep their promises
- rugpull

We want everybody to play nice, including us, because when doing so, you always get good stuff back. Some call it Karma.

The Creeptoz are not your average PFP project. The passive income will bring more value to the holders. The CRPTZ would like to be adopted for the long run and be something people would remember. We have no pressure because we want to make it nice. We ll be looking for partnerships to get even more utility to the CRPTZ but let's start by the begining by gathering people together.

That’s where STEP 1 comes in play:

community engagement + social medias raid

January -April 2022 :

- Community building (mainly focus on Twitter and Discord)
- Give aways (NFT, white list spots)

- Teaming up with partners
- Targeted marketing


May 2022

Once we reach a fair number of followers (organic growth please! no fake), we will get closer to the minting date then :
- More give aways
- Getting in touch with influencers if they didn’t reach us before (that’s our goal)
- Keep gathering new partners


Saturday, may 21st (12:00 CET)
(We had fixed a date in May but we decided to wait for the opportune moment:
When the market is up on the one hand and our community is big enough on the other hand.

Patience is our best friend.)

- Minting time for pre sale (open for 12hours)
- Public sale 24h later

100 % and beyond

June and after 2022 

- Secondary market

  • At 33% sold :
    Listing on rariry tools or rarity sniper, the community will decide.
  • At 100% sold :
    - During 4 week after the sold out : giveaways ( free NFTs + 20 000 USDT)
    (you need to check out our twitter page for infos and our discord for all details, partners coming soon)

    - Passive income ( 50% of the royalties of the secondary market goes back to holders) more infos on the discord

    - Merchandising ( T-shirt for long time holders - fall 2022- ) The community will decide of the design between a selected choice- Partnerships with other projects for our holders ( NFT, whitelist spots)- We will keep on advertising as we want the Creeptoz to shine for the long haul and get more value with time

After :

We will start working on the CRPTZ  .2 ( some will be kept for our holders)


Xavier Leonti - founder
Xavier has been living many lives : big mountain pro skier for more than 10 years, surfer, skydiving coach (+2000 skydives) and windtunnel flyer to name a few. He is very into the “extrem sports” but not only. Growing up watching skateboarding and skiing videos and later on, surrounded by still photographers and video cameramen, he developed camera work skills along a creative mind. Besides ripping hard, he has been shooting stills and videos for quite few decades and writing for the press as well.

He also stepped into business and marketing as well as the digital universe, social medias and now NFT’s. He s like a “Swiss army knife” guy: one man, many skills. He s known to be serious in what he does, and when he feels he can’t reach his goal alone, he always makes a point in choosing the right person for the job.
Finally, the portrait would not be complete without saying that when he steps into something, he s committed 110% ! Just like jumping out of an airplane or going down a mountain at +100km/h, right ?
Linkedin    Instagram  Twitter   500px

Vladislav Karniushka - Dev.
The shadow warrior ! Years of experience in smart contract and he has been working on big DEFI projects. Let's say, this is just a piece of cake for him. Nevertheless, this could not happen without his knowledge ! Just like Xavier, he commits heart and soul. Why ? Because he loves it !

Sean S. - Mod.
Data science student

Frederic C. - Communication
Artificial Intelligence engineering student
Tech freak and NFT enthusiast


On which blockchain are the CRPTZ living ?

The answer is : everywhere !
They are now on the Polygon blockchain (open sea collection) and then after , with some tweaks, the Creeptoz will be on the Solana blockchain ( marketplace: solanart, solsea) so nobody will be forgotten !
But for now, one step at the time !

How much does a Creeptoz cost ?

👉 Convert in equivalent amount of Matic at time of mint

pre sale :
100 euros (1000 items/ 2 per wallet adress)

public sale :
- 1001 to 3000 : 130 euros (5 per wallet adress)
- 3001 to 5000 : 160 euros (5 per wallet adress)
- 5001 to 6666 : 190 euros (5 per wallet adress)

Join our Discord so you will not miss any important infos.

Can I get a free NFT?

Yes, you can ! Some lucky people will get free Creeptoz for sure... We strongly recommand you to join us on our discord server to know more on how to be part of the lucky ones.

How do I get whitelisted ?

We know you have a life and we don’t want you to glue to your computer 24/7 just to grind a chatroom ! Yet, we will keep an eye on Level XP on the discord to see who is active but not only :
- meme’s contest : we ‘ll be choosing some of the members for the dedication (many submission including quality !) or just even one cool meme and that could be enough to get a WL spot !
- give away via twitter
- influencers giveaway
- we like to talk and see happy people, we are probably just give WL spot because we like you !

Will there be a presale?

Yes, there is a presale which you need to have a whitelist entry. There will be a total of 500 members who will be able to be whitelisted for presale.

How to mint my CRPTZ ?

1- Get a crypto exchange account (Binance, coinbase, kraken...)
2- Buy some MATIC
3- Get a crypto wallet (metamask). It 's a browser plugin that will let you interact with the smart contract (minting process).
4- Send your MATIC's to your wallet (you will pay fees to do so)
5- Click on the official mint button (on top on this page when the time will be rigth). You will be requested to sign to let the wallet interact with the system.
6- Choose the quantity of Creeptoz (1 or 2) you want and click mint (again this will cost you fees in addition to the price of the Creeptoz) You may set higher gas fees for the transaction to proceed faster. (Please do not click on buttons if you don't know what you are doing). We recommand you to get familiar with the minting process, full of tutos online.

Contact us if you have any questions.

How many Creeptoz can I mint?

You will be able to mint a maximum of 2 Creeptoz per wallet adress. (pre sale and public sale)
(if the community wants to get more, we'll discuss about it but not more than 5 !)

Where can I view my NFT?

Once minted, your Creeptoz NFT (ERC-721) token will be added to your wallet (via the Polygon network)
You will also be able to view the NFT on OpenSea.io once the listing is approved.

When will I be able to mint my Creeptoz?

We had fixed a date in May but we decided to wait for the opportune moment:
When the market is up on the one hand and our community is big enough on the other hand.

Patience is our best friend.

Do I own the rights of my NFT ?

Yes, once purchased, you have full title and all rights and interests without restriction over your Creeptoz (as long as you own it of course)
You can do some prints for your walls, t-shirts, whatever you want !

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